Joe Kent’s Plan for Veterans

Joe Kent is a veteran with twenty years of expertise in the Special Forces. He understands veterans’ issues and how to navigate Veterans Affairs. Joe Kent will deliver for veterans:

Fully Fund the VA

Joe Kent supports ensuring the VA is fully funded so veterans can access the quality care they deserve. Additionally, he will fight for Congressional oversight of the VA.

Expand Access to Tricare

Joe Kent will expand access to Tricare and Veterans Choice healthcare programs so veterans can go to the doctors and clinics of their choice. He will also fight to reopen rural VA clinics.

Reopen the Chehalis Clinic

In 2021, the outpatient clinic in Chehalis closed, forcing rural veterans to make a 5-hour round trip to receive healthcare. Joe Kent will reopen the Chehalis clinic so that veterans do not need to rely on a few government-run facilities.

Protect Our Troops

U.S. soldiers are caught in Middle Eastern conflicts that do not serve the national interest. Joe Kent will work to remove our troops from Iraq and Syria and prevent America from becoming entangled in foreign wars.

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