Senator Rand Paul Endorses Joe Kent

US Senator Rand Paul released the following statement today: 

“I’ve stood strong against the Covid madness from Dr. Fauci, but I need help in DC. That’s why I’m giving my full and total endorsement to Joe Kent for Congress. 

I know Joe Kent will join me in demanding that Fauci is held accountable for lying to Congress. He will fight for liberty and the Constitution with courage. Joe isn’t afraid to speak out against the endless wars, and I know he has the courage to stand with me to defeat the Washington machine.”

Joe Kent made the following statement: 

“There is no greater fighter for liberty in Washington DC than Rand Paul, and I’m honored to have earned his endorsement. 

American families have suffered over these last two years under Democrats unchecked control of our government with zero oversight. I look forward to joining Senator Paul in Washington DC to put an end to one-party rule so we can hold the Biden Administration accountable on everything from the economy to inflation to the botched COVID response. 

Senator Paul and I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder for the American people.”

Joe Kent is available for interviews and comments. Contact Ozzie Gonzalez at 951.442.0680 or 

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