Kent Campaign Releases Radio Spot Refuting Perez’s Taxpayer Funded Ad Buy

In response to Marie Perez using taxpayer funds to run campaign ads boasting of her alleged support of our veterans, Joe Kent’s campaign released its own radio ad setting the record straight on Perez’s betrayal of our servicemen and women.

Joe Kent made the following statement:

It’s bad enough that Marie Perez is paying for what are obvious campaign ads using her government-funded office budget, but even worse is that she is misleading voters about her record on veterans.

Perez voted to defund the Veterans Administration, the agency that is responsible for veterans’ healthcare – and yet she also voted to keep our troops as sitting ducks in Middle Eastern warzones like Syria where we have no national interest to justify the deployment.

Marie Perez is on the record sending our sons and daughters into needless conflicts while cutting them off from the healthcare they were promised when they come back injured.

The good news is help is on the way. Republicans, independents, and fair-minded Democrats are rallying to my campaign to defeat Marie Perez and elect a congressman who has a real plan to improve veterans healthcare — not defund it.

Joe Kent is the Washington State Republican Party-endorsed candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, a 20-year special forces veteran, and a Gold Star husband. The radio spot and Joe Kent’s plan to help our veterans can be found at