Joe Kent: Ban Congress from Trading Stocks, Equities

Today, Joe Kent made the following statement in response to Nancy Pelosi’s statement that “We are a free market economy, they should be able to participate in that” in response to a reporter’s question about members of Congress trading individual stocks.

Members of the swamp from both parties have repeatedly been caught trading with inside information. They used to hide it, but they believe they are so well entrenched that Nancy Pelosi can publicly defend and advocate for this corrupt practice.

Every day, the gap between the ruling elites and the working class in this country widens. Allowing members of congress to trade stocks in an economy where they have the power to make entire industries prosper or suffer is a violation of public trust.

This is banana republic behavior. Unlike my opponent, Jaime Herrera Beutler, who authored window-dressing legislation on the issue that allowed members to continue trading, I will introduce legislation that will ban members of Congress from trading any stocks or equities and requires them to put any wealth they or their spouse owns into a blind trust until they leave office.

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