Get Local with Joe Episode Six: Americans with Disabilities with Carley Meuchel

In the latest episode of Get Local with Joe, Joe Kent discusses how federal regulation impacts Americans with Disabilities with Carley Meuchel.

Carley is a small business owner in Clark County, and she educates members of her community on government issues.

“Just ask and just make sure that we are part of the conversation,” said Carley. “But make it so that we get our voices heard.”

Carley said that Congress should encourage Americans with disabilities to be entrepreneurs.

“Promote schools that promote an entrepreneurial attitude,” said Carley. “There are technical schools and there are cooking schools, for example.”

To learn about how the federal government affects the disability community, watch the video below:

National Security Discussion with Joe Kent and Ret LT General Keith Dayton

Enjoy an intimate evening with Joe Kent and honored guest retired Lieutenant General Keith Dayton.

At this exclusive event, you will enjoy a dynamic discussion on national security with men who have spent their lives protecting the US and providing military strategy.

Where: Battle Ground, WA

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Cup of Joe with Joe Schedule

Join Joe Kent and his campaign team for coffee where you’ll hear Joe’s plan to defeat Democrat Congresswoman Marie Perez, get introductory training in legal ballot collection, and meet fellow Republicans.


Feb. 15, Thurs. at 11 AM: Billy Blues Bar and Grill – 7115 NE Hazel Dell Ave Vancouver

Feb. 16, Fri. at 1:30 PM: Prairie Tavern – 14925 NE Caples Road Brush Prairie

Feb. 17, Sat. at 11:30 AM: JB’s Taphouse – 2011 SE 192nd Ave Camas

Feb. 18, Sun. at 12:30 PM: Eagles Chehalis Aerie No 1550 – 1993 S Market Blvd Chehalis

Feb. 18, Sun. at 4:00 PM: Silver Lake Grange #105 – 3104 Spirit Lake Hwy, Castle Rock

Feb. 20, Tues. at 2:00 PM: Sportsman’s Public House – 121 N Main Ave Ridgefield

Feb. 20, Tues. at 7:00 PM: Minnehaha Grange #164 4905 NE St Johns Blvd Vancouver, WA

Feb. 21, Wed. at 5:00 PM: Clark County Republican HQ – 2702 NE 114th Ave. Suite 4 Vancouver

Joe Kent Joins Tucker to Discuss War With Iran

Joe Kent joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the Biden administration’s reckless foreign policy and the potential for war with Iran.


Joe Kent’s Plan for Victory in 2024


Winning a rematch election is never easy, but Joe and his campaign have a plan. Our district is the best opportunity to flip a blue seat red.

Fox News: Joe Kent Discusses Biden’s Authoritarianism

Last night, Joe Kent appeared on Jesse Watters Prime Time to discuss how Biden and the Democrats are using January 6 to distract from their disastrous record.

Kent Campaign Releases Radio Spot Refuting Perez’s Taxpayer Funded Ad Buy

In response to Marie Perez using taxpayer funds to run campaign ads boasting of her alleged support of our veterans, Joe Kent’s campaign released its own radio ad setting the record straight on Perez’s betrayal of our servicemen and women.

Joe Kent made the following statement:

It’s bad enough that Marie Perez is paying for what are obvious campaign ads using her government-funded office budget, but even worse is that she is misleading voters about her record on veterans.

Perez voted to defund the Veterans Administration, the agency that is responsible for veterans’ healthcare – and yet she also voted to keep our troops as sitting ducks in Middle Eastern warzones like Syria where we have no national interest to justify the deployment.

Marie Perez is on the record sending our sons and daughters into needless conflicts while cutting them off from the healthcare they were promised when they come back injured.

The good news is help is on the way. Republicans, independents, and fair-minded Democrats are rallying to my campaign to defeat Marie Perez and elect a congressman who has a real plan to improve veterans healthcare — not defund it.

Joe Kent is the Washington State Republican Party-endorsed candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, a 20-year special forces veteran, and a Gold Star husband. The radio spot and Joe Kent’s plan to help our veterans can be found at

Get Local with Joe Episode Four: Crime and Drugs with Sheriffs Summer and Snaza

In the latest episode of “Get Local with Joe,” sheriffs Rob Snaza and Summer Scheyer met with Joe Kent to discuss crime, opioids, and the closure of the Larch Correctional Facility.

Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza said, “Fentanyl is coming directly from our southern border into our own communities. Time and time again, we see people losing their lives needlessly because of fentanyl overdoses. It’s frustrating to know that Democrats, including Marie Perez, have voted against securing our borders.”

Marie Perez voted against H.R. 2 the Secure the Border Act, legislation that would have provided funding for Border Patrol agents to stop the flow of fentanyl.

“It’s frustrating to know that Democrats, including Marie Perez, have voted against securing our borders,” the Sheriff added.

Washinton State plans to close Yacolt’s Larch Correction facility. Joe Kent asked Sheriff Scheyer how this would impact the community.

“The firefighters that Larch provides my community are so important,” Summer said. “I watched them work this summer. We had the Tunnel Five fire, it was devastating. Without those firefighters, we are going to be devastated.”

“Crime and the opioid epidemic are plaguing American communities, including right here in Washington’s Third District,” said Joe Kent. “Lethal drugs like fentanyl are being imported into the U.S. interior because of our porous southern border.”

Thank you to the Sheriffs for talking to Joe about the issues that matter in Washington’s Third District.  To learn more about how crime and drugs are impacting the community and what solutions law enforcement is implementing, watch the video below:

Analysis: Kent Far Ahead of Other Republican Rematches Winners

In the 2020 General Election, three Republicans – Young Kim, Claudia Tenney, and Maria Salazar – won rematches against the Democrats they had lost to in 2018 in the exact same districts. Joe Kent is already outpacing these other candidates in important metrics and is well on his way to defeating Marie Perez.

We are comparing the 2018/2020 cycles to the 2022/2024 cycles because they mirror the pattern of midterm/presidential elections. While Republicans also won rematches in 2022 after losing in 2020 (e.g. Derrick Van Orden), they were not exactly comparable because district lines were redrawn after the 2020 Census.

Joe Kent Lost by Less than All Republican Rematch Winners in their First Election.

While all of these Republicans lost by between 6.0% and 1.8% in 2018, they all went on to win in 2020. In 2022, Joe Kent lost by just 0.8%.

District Candidate Opponent 2018 Losing % 2020 Winning %
FL-27 Maria Salazar Donna Shalala 6.0% 2.8%
CA-39 Young Kim Gil Cisneros 3.2% 1.2%
NY-22 Claudia Tenney Anthony Brindisi 1.8% 0.3%
WA-3 Joe Kent Marie Perez 0.8%*

*2022 Result.

Joe Kent Outraised All Republican Rematch Winners at this point of their Winning Cycle.

District Candidate $ Raised through Q3 2019
NY-22 Claudia Tenney $1,270
FL-27 Maria Salazar $454,303
CA-39 Young Kim $816,278
WA-3 Joe Kent $1,075,527*

*Funds raised into Joe Kent Victory Fund and Joe Kent for Congress accounts through Q3 2023.